Music makes the movie…

Movies and television shows use music to affect the viewers, even if the music is subtly in the background hardly noticeable to the viewer, the music score is having an impact on the viewer’s emotions. Whether it’s to denote drama and excitement, increase a thrill, to scare, or express sadness, music has an affect on a movie’s audience. Can you imagine watching a movie without that dramatic music in the background? Often we don’t notice it because it has become such a normal part of the viewing experience; but we would definitely notice if it disappeared and our movies fell silent.

In Horror movies, the music can raise tension and increase fear in the audience. A Haunted House is made scarier with haunting notes of music playing softly in the background; a killer stalking their prey is made creepier with the right soundtrack playing along. Everyone is familiar with those heart pounding notes from Psycho that accompanied every downward stroke of Norman Bates’ knife in the infamous shower scene. What would Halloween be without that famous score by John Carpenter; or Friday the 13th without that terrifying chant that follows Jason?

If you’re an aficionado of Horror Movies, their soundtracks, and music in general, you might be a collector of the old fashioned vinyl records. Perhaps you even have a collection of soundtracks from your own favorite horror movies dating back to the days of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, back when Hollywood knew a thing or two about terrifying an audience, including great sound effects and music scores.

With today’s music being downloaded off the internet and played on MP3 players and Ipods, where would you find the perfect player for your vast vinyl collection? And how would you know which is the best player to purchase? At, they can help you find the absolute perfect record player for your own personal tastes and needs/ With reviews on many players, including the Crosley Record Player, you’re sure to find just the player for you.

If you’re a fan of Horror Movies, horror movie sound effects or soundtracks, and an avid collector of vinyl records, you’ll want only the very best record player to spin your records on. Any record player you choose should also be aesthetically pleasing and add to the beautification of the room in your home you place it in. As a collector, choose wisely, and take care of your collection for years to come.

True Horror Stories

‘What you are about to see is based on real-life events’. We’ve all seen this warning flash up on screen before a movie starts.

It’s a trick that horror movies often try to milk to scare their audience. But I’ve become so used to seeing it that I just dismiss it these days. But there ARE a few films where the story is based in reality and where it’s even possible to visit the spot where the gruesome events took place. Now that IS scary.

Psycho (1960)

In the film, Norman Bates is a psychologically disturbed hotel owner (or just a psycho) who dresses up as his dead mother and murders guests in his scary abode. He also happens to keep the corpse of his dead mother in a room.

Few people know that the Bates character was inspired by Ed Gein, a Wisconsin native arrested in 1957 for murdering two people and digging up the corpses of countless other women who reminded him of his dead mother. What’s worse, he skinned the bodies in the hopes of becoming a woman himself. I suspect if they made his real home into an Adventure Tours On A Budget location, it would be too gruesome for most.

Jaws (1975)

We’ve all seen the film – a huge, 20-foot-long Great White shark terrorizes the fictional Eastern fishing community of Amity Island, eating swimmers and taking bites out of surf boards during the summer.

The film was penned by screenwriter Peter Benchley after he was inspired by a series of shark attacks that terrorized the Sandy Hook shore, New Jersey shore in 1916. Five attacks, four of which were fatal, took place over a 12-day period that July. The culprit? Probably a ‘mere’ seven-foot-long Great White shark which was shot and killed and whose stomach was found to contain some human remains. Take a swim in New Jersey’s Sandy Hook waters at your own peril.

The Exorcist (1973)

A classic story of a battle between good and evil, but just a whole lot more scary than usual. The plot follows a pair of priests’ attempts to exorcise a demon that has possessed a 12-year-old girl living in Georgetown.

Author of the The Exorcist novel, William Peter Blatty, was inspired by an article he read in college at Georgetown University about an exorcism performed on a boy in Mount Rainier, Maryland in 1949. It is believed the boy’s actual home lay in Cottage City, Maryland. I wouldn’t step a foot near it personally.

The Unsung Heros of the Movie Business

Most people don’t quite realize just what goes into making the films we all adore. The director and acting stars may get all the plaudits, but there are a whole host of other people involved in the movie-making process that deserve some credit too.

From the humble set cleaners to music supervisors, film-making is a massive process involving the hard work of countless people. Here are three professions in the movie-making business that deserve to share some of the limelight.

Location and set cleaners

Ghostbusters is returning to cinemas nationwide to celebrate it’s 30th anniversary, and this got me thinking about some of the movie’s classic scenes. In particular, that giant marshmellow man scene and when the big fella gets vaporized, exploding into mountains of gooey sludge. Did you ever think about the scale of the cleaning job required after that scene? Me neither! But now I realize the importance of location and set cleaners in movies. Unfortunately in those days you couldn’t just go to to sort out the mess. In Ghostbusters, hundreds of cleaners would have been required to clean up so that the filming set could be used again. Certainly, starting a carpet cleaning business wouldn’t be hard after the experience gained with cleaning the set of that mess, but here’s a shout out to all the smaller scale movie cleaners out there.

Movie editors

These are the guys that take all the footage and cut it together to create a coherent piece of story-telling. Movie directors get a little more credit than set cleaners of course but they really aren’t recognized to the degree that someone of such importance to film-making should be. Without a good editor, the best acting and shot-making would be completely wasted in an incomprehensible mess and some in the profession liken their job to like sculpting stone (footage). Imagine 2001: A Space Odyssey without a skilled editor. Although I wouldn’t get it either way I suppose…

Music Supervisors

Most people associate music supervisors with TV but few know they are just as important in the film industry. The tonal language of the film is created with these guys in conjunction with the more well known film composer. Fight Club wouldn’t be the cult classic that it is if it weren’t for the cool music in the film. A music supervisor was responsible for choosing The Pixies and all the rest of the music in the film to deliver the overall impression of the film.

Top 7 Horror Movies with Sex Scenes


Everyone loves a good horror film. There’s nothing like sitting at the edge of your seat with a bowl of popcorn in one hand and your honey’s hand in your other, keeping you safe. The adrenaline rush that comes from a well-placed “boo!” or the chills you feel on the back of your neck as your hero is being stalked are feelings that can only be created by the cinema. But what’s better than a great horror movie? A great horror movie with really bizarre sex scenes. Here are the best seven movies with over the top sex scenes.

1. American Psycho

In this film, Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman,  a successful Wall Street businessman by day, crazed stalker-slash-killer by night. During one scene, Bateman has hired two prostitutes to visit his apartment. While, inevitably, girl on girl prostitute action ensues, it’s largely due to Bateman’s demands. Bateman takes charge of the scene, but doesn’t just let the women do the work. He is an enthusiastic participant, winking and flexing at himself in the mirror as he thrusts from behind one of the girls. (He didn’t have trouble staying hard – how to last longer in bed and stay hard.) Unfortunately for the girls, the scene ends as a naked Patrick Bateman chases a prostitute down with a chainsaw.

2. 2,001 Maniacs! (2005)

This 1964 splatter film remake has quite a few sex scenes. While most end in death or dismemberment, they still add a bit of excitement to the otherwise campy movie. In one scene, an unpopular high school aged boy is allowed to watch as two female cousins (hey, it’s the Deep South) kiss and touch one another. When he tries to join, the girls scold him and threaten to stop. In another scene, a girl performs oral sex on a young man before what can only be described as causing his body to explode.

3.Jason Goes to Hell

We all know that if you’re camping in the woods, particularly beside Crystal Lake, abstinence is your best chance for survival. Two campers in this Jason Vorhees movie ignored that lesson, and while passionately enjoying each others’ company, Jason approaches their tent. Our male camper, with his girlfriend astride him, is not just a little surprised when a stake is plunged through her torso and then pulled up, splitting her body in half.

4. Bride of Chucky

If you’re into doll sex, this scene is for you. In the scene, Chucky explains to his new bride that he’s starting to “feel like Pinocchio”, and that he’s “anatomically correct.” Weird doll kissing follows, and we are then treated to the silhouettes of the two dolls apparently having sex. If human sex is more your style, you might enjoy the scene in which two characters are loudly engrossed in each other atop a water bed. Above them hangs a mirror. When our female character notices Chucky’s wife in the overhead reflection, her partner mistakes her cries of fear for cries of orgasm, until the doll throws a champagne bottle at the mirror. The glass splinters, falling and killing the two (and, for dramatic effect, bursting the water bed).

5. Species

In this film, the main character, alien Sil, is searching for a human man to impregnate her. She finally settles on Dr. Arden, an anthropologist determined to rid the earth of Sil’s species, and Sil seduces Arden in an aggressive display of foreplay. When she’s successfully impregnated, and Arden discovers who she is, Sil kills Arden using her tongue.

6. Nekromantik 2

This sequel to Nekromantik is equally as bizarre as the original. As the name suggests, the movies portray eccentric people who like to have sex with dead people. In one particularly odd scene, main character Monica is having sex with her boyfriend Mark. She decides, during sex, that it would be a good idea to saw off his head. She does, and as blood sprays her body and the walls from the decapitated man, Monika replaces Mark’s head with the decomposed head of her ex boyfriend.

7. Excision

The film Excision takes high school fantasies to a bizarre new level. Main character Pauline is just like any other high school kid. Except that she fantasizes during sex about blood. A lot of blood. In one particular scene, Pauline has decided to lose her virginity to another high school student. Unbeknownst to the boy, Pauline waits until she’s on her period, and during sex she fantasizes that she’s smearing blood all over their bodies.

Most horror movies get their shock factor from grotesque, graphic or violent death scenes. The shock factor is why most of us like them. But when directors add peculiar or even outlandish sex scenarios to the film, it makes for great entertainment. Check out these movies for a not so healthy dose of shocking and sometimes revolting footage.

Top 5 Movies with Cooking or Chefs

Julie and Julia

This film catches two magical foodie stories in one. The first story is of Julie, a modern day gal with a love for cooking. Julie takes on a full year of cooking challenges and does so by making one recipe a day from Julia Child’s famous cookbook. Julie writes about the success (or failure) of each recipe in her nightly blog. Enter story number two. Viewers will perpetually smile as they watch Julia Child’s (Meryl Streep) antics throughout her own journey to becoming the world’s most famous chef. Each woman contends with balancing her love of cooking with the love of her partner; the movie is not without romance and relationship to tug at heart strings. If you’re inspired to make your own creative dishes, check out these electric smokehouse reviews to rival Julie and Julia’s crazy food antics!


A single mother, Vianne, and her young daughter arrive in a conservative French town to open a chocolate shop and make a new life.The locals are skeptical; Vianne does not receive the best of welcomes. Soon enough, however, she is busy winning over the hearts of the locals with her sweet disposition and her even sweeter chocolates. Adding to the already sensual nature of the film is the appearance of Roux, played by Johnny Depp, as the love interest in Vianne’s world.

Eat Pray Love

Follow the true-to-life story of author Elizabeth Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts, as she journeys through a culinary feast across Italy, India, and Indonesia. Scenes of exquisite food and cooking will have viewers drooling. Elizabeth’s parallel emotional and spiritual journey will move hearts as much as the food scenes have made stomachs growl. Click here for even more stomach growling!

The Hundred Foot Journey

This is a sneak preview of a soon-to-be-released crowd pleaser (opens Aug 8, 2014). Starring award winning actress Helen Mirren as an unapproachable and pretentious chef, the movie follows the story of an Indian family who opens a restaurant in France, much to the chagrin of Madame Mallory (Mirren). She owns the only Michelin starred restaurant in the area and does not take kindly to her new neighbors. A young and upcoming Indian chef begins to turn her eye when she realizes his incredible culinary talents. A lovely story of world class cooking, mentorship and love, crowds will not be disappointed.


This culinary movie collection would not be complete without a whimsical Pixar cartoon to please kids and adults alike. Remy is a little rat with a big dream: to be a gourmet chef. While residing at a fancy Parisian restaurant, he partners up with young garbage boy Alfredo Linguini. Alfredo manages to get the other humans to cook as the rat instructs. All is going well until a famous food critic demands to meet the chef!


Top 5 Scary Movies that Feature Bows/Arrows

How do you kill a vampire? Decapitate a zombie? How would you go about defending yourself, an innocent college freshman, from a crazed serial stalker while camping in an abandoned mine? Even the best compound bow reviews sites can’t tell you how to protect yourself. For the best advice, reference horror movies. Below are five of the best (or worst) scary movies, in which either the heroes or the villains use crossbows.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

In this movie, a fully automatic crossbow is the heroes’ weapon of choice. Both Hansel and Gretel get a chance to fire off the weapon, and sometimes even succeed in hitting their target. In one scene, Hansel even manages to dodge a crossbow arrow. No doubt the antagonist got the best crossbow for the money. While not touted as one of the greatest feature films of all time, this movie is entertaining and, well, features a crossbow. Also included are witches, trolls, and buildings made of cotton candy. You can’t go wrong.

Fright Night (2011)

While not the only weapon used to kill vampires, the crossbow is certainly effective in this remake. When a teen becomes convinced that a missing friend has been killed (an possibly eaten) by vampires, he decides to become a vampire hunter. Geared up with holy water, crosses, stakes and, of course, a crossbow, he sets off to find his classmate.

Nightmare Man (2006)

This movie features a crossbow as a weapon of protection-turned-weapon of assault. A woman keeps a crossbow handy in her cabin closet in case she ever needs it to defend herself. However, she accidentally leaves the crossbow on the porch. Naturally, the psychotic killer on the loose finds the crossbow, and the gory killing commences.

Daybreakers (2009)

Another vampire flick, this movie boasts a sci-fi twist and an all-star cast. Humans and vampires mingle not so peacefully together after the human race has been exposed to an epidemic caused by an infected bat. As the humans research to find a cure for the epidemic, vampires struggle with the ethical decision of drinking human blood vs. drinking animal blood. While the most graphic scene is possibly the explosion of a human caused by a potential antidote, crossbows do make an appearance more than once in this film.

Vampire Circus (1972)

Finally, Vampire Circus is an oldie-but-goodie. This movie’s plot centers around a vampire whose children are trying to revive him. In order to revive him, however, they feel it necessary to use the blood of the children of those who killed him. Despite being a classic movie, the graphics are actually quite good. Perhaps the most stunning clip from the movie is the beheading by crossbow of one of the cast. Use caution and screen this movie before showing it to children. Despite its PG rating, it is actually quite violent and contains some nudity.

While you could probably learn how to snuff out a zombie or defend yourself against a pesky bat-bitten fanged creature, there is no doubt that you can learn many tips and tricks from watching horror movies. Wooden stakes and holy water stand no chance against a good old fashioned pump action crossbow, and anyone can learn to use them. Enjoy the films, and keep your doors locked and your crossbow loaded.

Bad Things Can Happen on a Camping Trip

When anyone thinks of camping, the first thoughts that people usually have is of fun frolicking in the woods with friends, or good times in summer eating open-barbecue food.

But the reality can be a lot different. As soon as night falls, those feelings of joy and merriment fade and the isolation and darkness start to bring about a whole new state of mind.

All those camping horror movies you have watched doesn’t help. You are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Bad things could happen and no-one would be able to save you. Worst case, these films make your thoughts turn to thinking about your own survival.

Bad things can happen on a camping trip. Read on to find out how movies have made us fear this popular pastime.

Suffocated in your sleeping bag

Friday the 13th is one hell of a scary movie. And it’s even more scary if you are bang in the middle of some unknown woods at night. The reason is because this film is the classic ‘deranged-killer stalking a camping site’ film. One particular gruesome way to meet your end is to be killed in your sleeping bag, like how murderer Jason rips open one of the best family tents in one scene, then zips the hapless victim up inside her sleeping bag for a horrible dose of asphyxiation. Cue muffled screams coming out of the bag. Cue you fearing spending a night in a flimsy tent, even if you researched a great guide to tents and bought the best one you could.

Stalked by occultist spectres

The Blair Witch Project not only taught me how documentary film-footage can scare me witless, it also taught me how scary woods can be at night. If you set up camp in some unknown woods, and hear crackling sounds at night, DON’T venture further into said woods and get lost in the process. Especially if when you wake up in the morning you find that cairns have been built around your camp in the darkness. Because after getting lost, you are likely to spend the next several nights being haunted by some unseen terror before losing your sanity and finally meeting a grizzly fate.

Eaten by cannibals

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, like Blair Witch, tried to fool me into thinking it was based on real life events. Nah, you can’t fool me, I thought. It’s just a film and not so scary because of it. That was what I thought before I set up camp in the South one time and heard shouting at night, in a heavily accented and threatening voice. We haven’t set-up camp in that area since.

Who knows who or what that was. I do know that that night the film took on a particularly frightening resonance. I had fears of hearing a buzzing chainsaw sound in the distance, only for that noise to grow in loudness and proximity. I had thoughts of being chased out of my tent, and blindly stumbling through clawing foliage, before being cornered and taken to the basement of some dysfunctional family. Then I would be strung….Ok, I think you get the picture. Be scared of insane families living in the woods, detached from reality. They are likely to want to eat you.

Haunted by a ghoul

Camping is not always done in a tent. Some folk like to go deep into the woods and stay in an abandoned cabin. If you’re that way inclined, then you might want to watch the Evil Dead film first. Especially if you are one of a group of college grads embarking on this foolhardy trip. Because you could find an audiotape that releases….demons. Ok, this one is a little far-fetched, I’ll agree. But the idea of having safety in numbers in some scary situation, only for those around you to be whittled down until you are the lone survivor by some undead, super-natural terror is not a nice one.


Have you ever wondered how horror movies use makeup to create those special effects? Or even how regular movies use makeup to transform actors into stage worthy beauties? Makeup really is an art form, and it can be incredibly diverse. Horror movie makeup is possibly the most interesting to see and difficult to recreate in real life. Every Halloween you can see amateurs attempt to transform themselves into zombies or vampires, with varying effects.

The reality is that transforming yourself into a critter of the night doesn’t have to be too difficult. If you take inspiration from your favorite horror movie, you can use the same sorts of products and techniques and apply them yourself.

Makeup artists for horror movies, use a variety of props and techniques in  their work. Some of the most obvious are, the use of fake blood, body part or weapons props, and of course the right makeup. In an interview for the new movie Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie, her makeup artist described the techniques used to transform her face into that of the character. What was highlighted in the interview was the use of a prosthetic nose and fake cheekbones, in order to give her the effect of a more angular face. The best coverage foundation they found to accentuate this new face was a matte powdery M.A.C. line, in very pale shades, which blended extremely well with the props. If you want to recreate something like this at home, remember that application is extremely important, for best results use highly pigmented high quality makeup in matte shades, that blends extremely well with your skin. So for this reason M.A.C. is an obvious favorite for makeup artists.

If horror movies aren’t your thing, but you still want to transform yourself into your favorite movie character, then makeup and application should be your only concern. Remember however that it can be difficult to recreate an accurate look using a shoestring budget, so invest in good quality makeup for best results. One thing to remember is that professional movie makeup artists use different products depending on the film they are working on and the character they are creating, so when deciding what to purchase keep this in mind. Also remember that because of different lighting effects on sets, most makeup artists avoid products that give off a shiny finish. What this means for you is that you need to avoid using oil based foundations or products that aren’t matte in coverage. So for example if you’ve just discovered what you consider to be the best bb cream for oily skin and are super excited about trying it out, it may not offer enough coverage or the correct finish to create that look that most film stars have. For every day use however it can be perfect.

Professional makeup artists treat their work like art, and they can create amazingly creative looks just based off the inspiration of the character and the actor. Typically an actor will be cast because he or she will look like the character they are trying to portray. The job of a makeup artist then becomes to make that resemblance complete. As an amateur trying to recreate one of these looks, it is important to adjust your products and application techniques to your own unique face. So for example if the character has higher cheekbones than you naturally do, use a blush and good foundation to make your cheeks appear higher than they actually are. Always remember to use foundation primer, and concealer for best results, and to choose a makeup line that creates highly pigmented, matte products. After that, the rest is in the details and in your own skills and creativity.

Public Workout Horror Story

Horror scenes in the gym….we’ve all seen them. From the frat boys who only work their glamor muscles attempting to hit on the cardio bunnies and failing miserably, to the roided out ragers who grunt and scream as if their vocal chords go to 11, to the worst of them all…..the naked 80 year old dudes that seem to flock to every gym locker room…I swear, some of those old guys must get multiple memberships to multiple gyms just to walk around naked in the locker rooms…anyone with a passion for physical fitness has been subjected to all kinds of horror scenes in the gym, no doubt about it.

There’s a reason I have my own home gym, and I assure you it’s not just so I could stock it with my favorite items from Jane’s Best Fitness, focusing on the best inversion table for lower back pain. It’s to avoid all the horror stories that are so commonplace in the gym, I needn’t even describe them here. So instead of focusing entirely on the horror scenes of the gym we’re all well aware of, I’m going to give each grisly scenario it’s own soundtrack.

The steroid-raged freaks, who seem to get off watching themselves lifting in the mirror, who seem to yell as loud as they can to draw as much attention to themselves possible….their theme music is that of Manowar. Now realize all the music choices I make, are actually bands and musicians I enjoy, so don’t take it as a slight against the bands, moreso look at it as a comical way to show them appreciation by applying their music to horrible situations.

Now the people looking for love in the land of weights and pulleys, they would need a song much more introspective, more sad and insightful, bittersweet even. The amount of time and effort they put into meeting these ladies, and still going forward despite failing, would probably go good with an epic track. How about one this track that is nearly 38 minutes in length, Apocalyptic Dawn? Plenty of track time to fail to.

The creepy naked guys, ironically, get the least horrifying sounding song. This track by Muscle is actually more rockin’ and funky, but the dubious title….Sexin’ in the Steamroom….leaves little to the imagination, filling the mind, in this context with simply horrifying thoughts.

In fact, despite my disdain and disinterest in paying a monthly membership to use gym equipment covered in other people’s sweat in a room that reeks of feet, my biggest pet peeve of the gym has always been the music selection. If I got to hear Muscle and Manowar at my gym sessions I’d definitely enjoy watching these horror scenarios unfold, peripherally, MUCH more than watching them unfold to generic pop beats and poor mans rap. No thanks, brah. I’ll stick to my home gym.

Horror Movies in the Kitchen…

Watching scary movies is an exciting experience that should be filled with memorable experiences. The mood of the viewers should be set upon the moment they have been sited. Most of the scary movies which were being seen by people include the use of materials in the kitchen. The house is always the place where the scenes are being performed it could either be at the living room, bedrooms or kitchen.

In most horror movies, the kitchen is the area of the house where the entire scenes are done for shooting. It has been the favorite place for scary shoots. The materials that are present in the kitchen were the one that makes every scene more effective are flying plates, breaking glass and some others like knives. (Here at the house, we love knives and fancy ourselves as collectors. Check the links at the end for some of the custom knife makers we like.)

Juicers are commonly used in scary movies this implicates the kind of movie and the things that will be happening as associated to its used. Masticating Juicer has been the preferred kitchen appliance in extracting the juice of fruits and even those from vegetables. The separation of juice from the fruits and vegetables is being made possible in the most convenient way.

Drinking fresh juice is very ideal for people who wanted to detoxify and make their body healthier. As an effective means of extracting machine, it is also an ideal appliance to in making a certain scene in a horror movie become scary. This shows brutality on how a certain character in the movie is being made into death. The masticating juicer is very important when it comes to promotion of good health because all juices from the fruits and vegetables are to be extracted well. Lots of masticating juicers are made available in the commercial market as of today. One should be able to know which of those can be best to be used in their kitchen. A good quality masticating juicer can extract the most important nutrients that are present on a certain fruit or vegetable provided they can be broken into pieces until the juice is to be extracted.

Juicing is a practice which is not just being done as of today because even the people of the earlier civilization have been doing this for medication or for other purposes. The juicer that should be selected should have the features that can be able to extract most of the liquid soluble in the food. The juice that is being extracted from the fruits or vegetables is more effective than the food that is being eaten. Digestion lessens the nutrients which are present in the food.

As of today, the juicing of fruits and vegetables is being adored by lots of people because of the benefits they have been enjoying with the use of such. Among the juice extractors which are available in the commercial market it is the masticating juicer which is really effective not only on the extraction of juice but on the satisfaction it has been providing to those people using this. There are juicing recipes that is included when an individual decides to acquire this product and have it with them.

Another thing is, while watching movies either horror or what drinking of juice is very ideal because one is being able to relax their minds and body after the tiring days of works and plays.

Review of Maximum Overdrive

night shift cover

If you are looking for cult movie classic then you should definitely check out Maximum Overdrive. If you are not familiar with Maximum Overdrive, it is a horror movie that was released in 1986. Based on a short story by well-known American horror … [Continue reading]